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This Is It's Fashion For Ladies

Hi dear,

We're officially registered as a company under ITS FASHION FOR LADIES ENTERPRISE via Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia effective 14th September 2010 with the registration number 001979712-P. Therefore, we're legally bind by the law and you can definitely trust us 100%! =)

There will be no COD available till stated otherwise.

All postage will be sent via Pos Laju only unless it is 1 to 2 items and upon negotiation to use Pos Express.

Postage will only be done on Friday and Saturday.

All items sold, especially SALE items are of excellent material with extremely CHEAP price :)

Payment need to arrive within 3 days after receiving the invoice and any reservation need to be submitted with at least 50% deposit :)

Payment is only available via Maybank Account which will be given once I received your order form or email :)

For further enquiries, please email me at fashionlady88@yahoo.com

Last Item SALE!!!!! :)

Hey gorgeous babes!!!



Do glance through the links and email me!!!

Thanks!!! :)

FL211 - FL213 - JUMPSUIT - RM18


Email me now by filling up the order form! :)



Awesome Feedback

Hey babes!!!

I woke up this morning and checked my email.. I received this email from one of my returned customer and thought of sharing her comments about the outfits with you guys! =)

Hye dear! Hope you're doing fine nowadays as the weather keeps on changing rapidly now but it's getting chilly for this passed few days and loving it..
Here's my take on all of the clothes :
  • FL189 Butterfly dress - Owh, I'm loving this so much! I even wore it straight from the parcel for a night out..*LOL*
  • FL188 Peacock Tunic - I love the fabrics and the design, like I said before, your clothes look much more nicer in real life... However when I was trying it out the rubber at the below of this top is not that stretchable enough, I guess this is because the sewing of of the beads there but I'm still able to wear it and like it a lot!
  • FL173 Colorful Autumn - I love this design, it look so slimming and I wonder why it's not a hit at the blog, it can even be wear with a tudung too...Hmmmm...I'm thinking of stealing another colour from this design....
  • FL152 Raindrops Blouse - I rarely try on something which has white or cream as the base for the clothes but I just love this design and eventhough it's cream coloured but the purple raindrops design gives the slimming effects and it's comfy too...
  • FL129 Lizzie Cardigan - When I saw the cardigan immediately I like it! The quality, the fabric is so much more different than what's sold outside and lucky I didn't wait for the black cuz the navy blue is so much better! It's blue but it's dark thus it can be match with any colours!
  • FL146 Sally Bolero - I love the pink, no wonder cuz one of my fave colour is pink! Still I'm hoping this bolero would be restock in black as I like the design rather than the button up ones....
  • FL132 Inner Top - I haven't try this one yet but no doubt I love the colour too.. One day I'm planning to wear this with the peacock tunic if I want to cover up or with the purple trinity maxi and my other top consist of purple...
  • FL165 Chekered Maxi - This one was a surprise to me, I thought it would be in bright yellow but it's actually a blue and light yellowish chocolaty maxi but don't worry, I still like it...It fits me very well and I even thought I can even wear this when I'm pregnant...*BIG LOL*
  • FL170 Kimono Top - This one is just hot! It's a very simple top but with nice design and I love the cutting, it look so sexy even though it's not showing any obvious sexiness...
  • FL091 Lady Trinity Maxi - This piece is such a darling, it's so sweet with the design and the colour, hoping the purple will be the same too... Owh, and it's good that this maxi has its own lining cause it's quite see through too and sexy in a sweet way..It can even be wear when pregnant too and I'm highly sure it'll fit until the last trimester... *Pandai2 je..*
Wow, this already come out like a mini review.. I still wanna give more on my personal review but I think this is all for now...Can't wait when I have the time to try out all of them for a day out...
Hope you're happy with my review as I'm really satisfied with all of them and also your services..
Do take care Fyza and I hope you'll reply to this...


Thank you so much Zee for the great comments and awesome feedback from you! =) It totally makes me smile, probably for the whole week! =)


No posting today

Hi babes,

I am truly sorry but all mails that are meant to be posted shall be postponed to tomorrow.

This is because I am currently sick and has been on bed for a few days now. Hopefully things will get better by tomorrow :)

Thank you so much for your understanding. I truly appreciate it.



FL180 - Love Me Softly

Love Me Softly

Cheerful look with cute ribbon in front :)

Material: Excellent Stretchable Cotton
Size: UK8 - UK18 (3XL)
Measurements :
Length - 22 inches, Bust - max 46 inches, Waist - 43 inches, Hips - 46 inches
Condition: 100% Brand NEW!

Black - SOLD! :)
Pink - SOLD! :)
Purple - Available
Blue - SOLD! :)

Price: RM25

FL179 - Butterfly Net Top

Butterfly Net Top

Unique =)

Material: Excellent Quality Stretchable Knit Material + Net
Size: UK6 - UK16 (2XL)
Measurements :
Length - 24 inches, Bust - max 44 inches, Waist - 44 inches, Hips - 44 inches
Condition: 100% Brand NEW!

*Not advisable for girls with big bust size :)

Black - Available
Pink - Available
Purple - Available
Blue - SOLD! :)
White - Available

Price: RM28

FL178 - Halter Diamond Top

Halter Diamond Top

Elegant ;)

Material: Excellent Quality Stretchable Knit Material
Size: UK6 - UK18 (3XL)
Measurements :
Length - 23 inches, Bust - max 44 inches, Waist - 44 inches, Hips - 46 inches
Condition: 100% Brand NEW!

*Not advisable for girls with big bust size :)

Black-  SOLD 1pc! :), Available
Pink - SOLD 1pc! :), Available
Purple - Available
Blue -  SOLD 1pc! :), Available

Price: RM28



Hey fashionable babes!!

I'll be out of town for a week, so there will be NO POSTING starting from

2nd June till 14th June 2010.

Emails will be reply as usual but a bit slow ;) and there might be updates within that period as well :)

So, keep those emails and order forms coming in yea =)

Thanks for your cooperation and understanding.


Fashionable NuffNang